What is a Periodontal Disease?

What is a Periodontal Disease?

What is it?

Periodontal disease is gum disease, it is a very common disease that many of our patients present but do not know that they suffer from it, since it is a silent disease.

This disease is caused by bacteria and it is a disease that has no cure but is controlled, like other diseases such as hypertension and diabetes; for this reason, it is very important to go regularly to the dentist for a dental checkup since this disease can appear at different stages of life and you can know if you suffer from it.


What happens when we don’t treat a periodontal disease?

The main consequence of not being treated this disease is that the teeth lose support and when they lose support they begin to move and finally they are lost.

Another consequence of not being treated is that it is known that there is relation between this  gums disease and other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and low birth weight.

This does not mean that if we have periodontitis, which we commonly call gum disease, we will have cardiovascular disease or diabetes, but there is a relation between both of it and we must be careful with this since it is never good to have any type of chronic diseases active.

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