For Treating Periodontal Disease

Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty

Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty

Gingivectomy is a fairly simple surgical intervention that involves removing a portion of the gum. We can use this procedure in different situations:

  1. For aesthetic reasons: when we perform a gingivectomy for aesthetic purposes it is because usually a significant part of the teeth are covered by gums, making them look very small. By performing this procedure we will return the tooth to its natural size and we will be able to give our patient a more harmonious and beautiful smile since the teeth will be larger, longer and less square.
  2. As part of a periodontitis treatment: if we perform a gingivectomy for periodontitis, we eliminate the periodontal pocket, which is the space between the tooth and the gum when it measures more than 3 mm, so that our patient can clean himself better.
  3. For prosthetic purposes: many times we need to have more tooth structure to perform a restoration on a tooth. This is what we call crown elongation.


Gingivoplasty is nothing more than the removal of gingival tissue in volume, not height.

For example, if we wanted to eliminate a melanin stain on the gum.

We can perform these procedures with the diode LASER to obtain a faster recovery of the tissues.

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