For Treating Periodontal Disease

Bone Regularization

Bone Regularization

It is a surgical procedure in which irregularities in the alveolar bone (the bone surrounding the tooth) are removed.

Once we finish the periodontal surgery where we have been able to remove all the calculus (tartar) and all the dead tissue (granulation tissue), we will be able to have a very clear view of the bone architecture. It is here where we decide if it is convenient to give a better architecture to the bone tissue in order to better control periodontal disease.

Bone regularization can also be used to eliminate protuberances such as tori (non-pathological bone growths) or sharp ridges that originate after an extraction that hinder the settling of a total or partial removable prosthesis.

Many times these protuberances can cause irritation and inflammation in the area of support of the prosthesis.

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