Platelet Gel

Platelet Gel

What is it?

The treatment with platelet rich plasma, PRP has recently spread in different medical specialties around the world and dentistry also makes use of this technology.

Studies on the importance of growth factors released by platelets in the regeneration and healing of tissues are immensely beneficial.

We currently use it in dentistry for different reconstructive treatments such as horizontal and vertical guided bone regeneration, maxillary sinus lift, alveolar preservation after extraction.

The Platelet Gel is an autogenous product prepared by centrifuging a sample of the patient’s blood. The philosophy of using this gel is to concentrate the platelets to a higher than physiological level and to utilize the beneficial effects of this.

Platelets have in their alpha granules a large amount of growth factors that are released locally when they are activated.
Platelets, fibrin, and leukocytes naturally act in synergy to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration by concentrating them in a gel.

  • Growth factors: Proteins that have the ability to induce cell division and cell differentiation in order to improve tissue healing and regeneration.
  • Platelets: Blood cells that take part in the coagulation.
  • Regeneration: Process by which the structure and function of damaged organs or parts of the body is recovered.
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