Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration

What is it?

When we speak of Guided Bone Regeneration, we refer to rebuilding the bone that we have lost due to different causes; whether due to periodontal disease, trauma, tooth fracture etc.; By reconstructing these bone volume deficiencies, we will be able to expand the treatment options for our patients.

Bone loss can occur in a horizontal or vertical way or it can be a combination of both.

In this illustration we will exemplify a horizontal loss of bone and what this implies in the placement of a dental implant.


Usually the ideal placement of dental implants becomes a challenge due to not having the necessary amount of bone and these procedures allow us to place dental implants in the best way possible.

Clinical Case

Clinical View In this case the patient had a lateral incicor fracture and had to be extracted; but a bone graft was not placed to preserve the bone, which caused a significant loss of bone.


Radiographic View Initially, we were 7.6 mm wide and when the extraction was done without placing bone grafts; we can observe the great loss of bone structure.


Radiographic View We can observe the placement of a block bone graft with platelet gel in order to make possible the future placement of a dental implant; procedure that could have been avoided if the bone had been preserved.


Final Result


It is important to understand what happens when we lose a tooth since this not only has aesthetic consequences but also functional and physiological consequences.

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